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Book Review - Jim's Revenge by Andrew R Williams

 An ARC copy was received from the publisher.

This is a slow starter with so many variables that it didn't make sense in the beginning. To be honest, I had my doubts and thought to quite by chapter 4. Nevertheless, I continued and by the last page, I am glad I did.

Jim's Revenge is a witty, cleverly planned plot with so many happening at the same time that you get lost in all the details. With this book, details definitely made the story. Each scene another building block cleverly devised till the end. And the end result was fantastic. Revenge is sweet is a good description for this book and deserves a round of applause.

The dialogue is written in such a way that it pulls you in and keeps your attention. Through it, you really get to know the characters, one by one.

Jim, the main character is a pensioner. To curb the boredom he applied for a job across the street at  Slobend, Fleecem & Skinnem. Without adding some spoilers to the review it definitely is good to know, because it forms the foundation of the plot. The entire plot involves the employees of this company and Jim learned quickly. All I am willing to mention is that practical jokes have a way to catch up to you. Watch out who you play with. Jim might be old but definitely not senile or stupid. After this, you will have to buy the book. Seriously, it will be money well spent.

The supporting characters were a mixture of sweet and sour, with a tangy twist which made it surprisingly witty. From drug barons to the damsel in distress, each character forms part of the plot.
The author's writing style is sharp and to the point which made it easy to follow, as well as fast-paced and enjoyable. Thanks for the book and the interesting reading time. 

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