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Book Review - Spirits of the Bayou

REVIEW -- Luc has a gift--he sees spirits of the dead. One in particular. She's begging for help, not so much for herself, but for the others. And so for Luc, this gift feels more like a plague. Yet our protagonist can't sit idol and let children keep disappearing into the bayou. Or can he? Let's be clear, Luc isn't one of New Orleans finest. He runs with bad people. But once he discovers that he's not the only person with "the gift", he is taken in by someone who cares, and things begin to make sense. But how many children die before Luc figures out how to help them?

If you like Louisiana mystique, stories of voodoo, with a few ghosts thrown in for good measure, you'll like Spirits of the Bayou. Author Morgan Hannah McDonald will make you smell the backwater as you run with a few of Luc's unwholesome friends and weave your way through the Garden District looking for the next home to break and enter. And that Haitian cook...her strange dialect gives the book special creole flavor. Of course, you know what they say about New Orleans ladies... Good book. Grab a copy.
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