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Book Three in the "Gentle Surf" series

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"For A Song"
Book Three in the "Gentle Surf" series

Like the other two books in the “Gentle Surf” series, “For a Song” is set on the southern tip of the California coastline, on the island of Coronado. Here, on the wide, golden beach fronting the historic Hotel Del Coronado, watching the fishermen at sea, you can see the purple hue of the mountains of Mexico on the horizon. 

But tranquility is a distant acquaintance for Trip Vincent who is on trial for killing his business partner—the lead singer in their band. Guilty or not, in this digital age of social justice warriors rampant on the internet, he’s been found guilty by the public at large and his fan base. The shame and remorse of not doing more to save his best friend, lead Trip down the same path his grandfather, Reginald once took—the bottle.

Trip seems likes he on the road to ruin until he meets Aya, a mysterious, pixie-like woman who happens to “appear” in his life when he needs her the most.

But Aya didn’t just happento appear. She’s a drifter who’s been trying to shake the bonds of her weed-like roots for years. Not fooled by the hype, throughout his court case, Aya knows there's more to the story and makes it her business to uncover the truth and see it placed in the right hands.

“For a Song” is set in modern America, where misinformation and disinformation has become the status quo. But does it have to be? Can these characters look beyond hype and see the truth of their relationship and the potential for more?

Like the other books in this series, “For a Song” is fraught with the high drama of social and family expectation, as well as assumptions and miscommunications. A fast-paced story that offers both adventure and humour, while never forgetting about the passion and attraction. 
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