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Can You Help Me Finish My Latest Book?

G'day Everyone,

I'm looking for at least 5 Beta Readers who would like to help me with Book 1 of my new 2-Book Historical Fiction Collection. Its working title is THE ARCHER'S DIARY and those who would like to be my Beta Readers can also help me with ideas for the ending of Book 1.

An Australian is given, for his 21st, various items passed on down through the centuries and protected by those relations on his mother's side. One of these is a diary. At the same time he learns of a sister he never knew he had. Together they set out to research the authenticity of the artifacts, particularly the diary that is purported to belong to a legendary figure long thought to be only fictional.

The Aussie discovers he is linked by DNA to this character. At the same time there are those after the treasure thought to also belong to the legend. The ramifications on a country's history and the followers and believers of the legend stand to be altered forever.

I'm Still Searching ....
Recommended Read – Munich by Robert Harris

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