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Can you offer some magic in the relationship?

The relationship should start with positive vibes. If you are constantly nagging, talking about your issues or your mood is bad, your partner will have a burden. During development, this relationship will have obstacles, but it should not be at the start.

Flavio felt in love with Laura because she did not judge him. She was smiling, looking at him, her feelings burst in the silence. Flavio was a playboy and women did not get him seriously. Laura thought this at first sight, but she decided to give him a chance. These steps were slowly but progressive. Flavio saw a woman who is full of energy even she had a lot of problems. She has the strength and this attracted him.

Start with butterflies. Sparks are important, so if you feel it just let yourself relax. Fall in love is like a jump in the water if you are afraid you will be clumsy, under stress and full of fear. Stop wondering what will be and why the previous relationship went wrong. 

Offer some magic, because life is hard anyway. If you ask for a hero, you will not find him. If you want someone to rescue you, it will not happen. Demanding something from a person who is a newbie in your life will give a negative effect. Who are you, already you are asking so much from me?

People make mistakes when they run in the relationship with big expectations. 
Why don't you call me?
Why don't you answer me?
Why you are so cold toward me?

When the magic disappears?

You can't push a person to feel love. Give your beloved space. Make yourself busy with other things, you have obligations too. 

Don't give your partner immediately first place in your life. You lived without that person before, why should give him a throne now?

You talk about his ex-partners, judging him, asking about your future, all happens so fast. Slow down. He doesn't know yet who are you.

Listen to what your heart tries to tell you. How do you feel when this person is with you? Are you tense, or you are smiling? Does he takes your breath away or you are indifferent? The signal you get is the answer to your questions.

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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