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Canoples Investigations Pursues Believers

Good morning and welcome to Sunday Blog Share. This month, we’re focusing on science fiction books. There will be a lot of visitors making an appearance but on Sundays and Tuesdays, this blog will be all about my teen science fiction series—Canoples Investigations!

This series began as an idea in 2001, in the horror filled days after the attacks on September 11. My youngest child was in kindergarten at the time. He came home from school that day, asking why did bad people want to hurt us. I couldn’t answer him for several days, because I didn’t know what to say, but after thinking over the events of that day, an idea formed. Four teens facing trouble in space… BD, Cassie, Carl, and Terry were born. As far as responding to my child about his question, all I told him was that sometimes bad people hurt the rest of the world, but there are always good people to stop them.


The team is back with a brand new adventure. Corina Amberchuck is kidnapped by Believers. BD and Carl are injured. Cassie fights panic and Wade is in charge of station security temporarily.

Believers launch constant attacks against Canoples Station. Wade worries he won’t be able to protect the residents, especially his soon-to-be wife, Mildred—the former space grunge/rap star, Jenna Rock.

BD faces one of his biggest fears after being hit with a Dazzler. The banned weapon is just one of the devices used by Believers in their quest to take over the Twelve Stations.

Cassie has fears of her own, especially when it comes to her guy. Given the chance to prove her expertise with spacecraft, she produces a shielding device that may assist them in their fight against Believers

Once again Canoples Station is on edge. Can the team protect their home?


I can’t believe I’m still stuck in the asteroid belt near Mars, searching for what I now firmly believe is one of my kid brother BD’s space ghouls. It’s been a month since we rescued the people from Starship Lyre and reunited the families of those who were aboard Mother Ship when she exploded. My team and I are fast running out of supplies to sustain our search and we’ve all been stuck on this mid-sized ship so long that we’re ready to mutiny just for the chance to have a meal that doesn’t come out of a packet or a sonic shower that lasts more than forty-five seconds.

“Bradford.” Ames glances over his shoulder from his position at the communications board. “Chief Pelham needs to speak to you on a private channel.”

“I’ll take it in my quarters.” I stalk off the command deck.

Nominally, I am in charge of this group. Chief Pelham mentioned to me that if I managed handling this particular mission well, I might find myself in charge of Security on Rios, the new manufacturing station orbiting Jupiter with Canoples Station. To say that would be a promotion I never saw coming is a major understatement. Because of my father and his decision to become a Space Pirate, many have adopted the attitude that I can’t be trusted. Only Chief Pelham has believed in me these long years. Well, except for BD, but his support is not what I need.

About K.C. Sprayberry

Living a dream she’s had since she first discovered the magic of books. K.C. Sprayberry traveled the U.S. and Europe before finally settling in the mountains of Northwest Georgia. She’s been married to her soulmate for nearly a quarter of a century and they enjoy spoiling their grandchildren along with many other activities.

A multi-genre author, K.C. Sprayberry is always on the hunt for new stories. Inspiration strikes at the weirdest times and drives her to grab notebook and pen to jot down her ideas. Those close to her swear nothing or no one is safe if she’s smiling gently in a corner and watching those in the same room interact. Her observations have often given her ideas for her next story, set not only in the South but wherever the characters demand they settle.

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