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Visitation Dream Blessings

On a recent episode of Super Soul Sunday, Oprah interviewed Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of The Omega Institute and author of Marrow: A Love Story. A gripping memoir, Marrow chronicles Elizabeth’s journey with her ill sister, Maggie, who Elizabeth gifted with her bone marrow. Amazing story—a highly recommended read!In addition to her book, Elizabeth discussed a “visitation dream” where Maggie, now deceased, came to her.  The segment was poignant for me as I, too, have been involved in the care of gravely ill sisters. And because I, too, have had such dreams. My most memorable one featured a visit from my beloved sister, Donna.Typically, visitation dreams are vivid, leaving the dreamer with a...
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Uffizi Prophecy… The Angel Chair: Fourth Revelation

Uffizi Gallery Exterior_Florence
In the Uffizi Museum in Florence, I stood stock still, mesmerized. In front of me was a painting, The Assumption of Mary, which depicted Mary in a baroque-style chair flanked by two angels. My heart pounded.Previously, I had only seen such a chair in personal visions. To be precise, an angel chair had revealed itself to me on three separate occasions just prior to the death of a female family member.In each of those revelations the chair had been accompanied by two angels, and it had ascended with the angels guiding the chair upward.This was my first time to see this painting, this rendition of The Assumption of Mary. Awestruck that I was seeing this amazing image outside of me, I stood tran...
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Dying…Transport to The Afterlife…The Angel Chair

Assumption of Mary to Heaven
In reports of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) many speak of their spirits floating into a loving light or walking into a tunnel. In my novel, The Girl Who Could Read Hearts, an angel chair—as transport to the afterlife—appears in dreams and at the death of two characters. Is such a chair real or is it mere fiction?The imagery of an angel chair is significant to me because I have experienced spontaneous visions of a chair accompanied by two angels numerous times over the years. All were either prior to or upon the death of a family member. Each revelation pierced my soul, leaving a profound impression.The first awareness I had of an angel chair potentially existing in the heavenly realms was i...
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