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The Memory Painter – Gwendolyn Womack

The Memory Painter: A Novel by [Womack, Gwendolyn]
                        A mind-bending drug, a series of time-travel dreams — or are they reincarnations? — take the reader on a dazzling trip around the world into history. Reading these segments that gift Bryan with unusual skills and the ability to speak obscure languages is, for the reader, akin to “living” history. When Bryan meets Linz, he senses that they have loved in the past. Encountering her brings on more dreams. He is determined to convince her of their connection. Initially skeptical and even afraid of Brian, she takes the drug, and together they find the truth. The Memory Painter is a well-written intriguing story, which I enjoyed for the most part. Unfortunately, the connecti...
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#WorldCon in Dublin 2019

The international science fiction convention WorldCon is in Dublin as we speak! I can’t be there because I am recovering from a hernia op but my books are there for me. I hope they’re having a blast. Authors who are there who know of my SUPPOSE WE is Jaine Fenn who said the book has original touches, and Jon Courteney Grimwood who once said I wear science fiction like other people wear clothes – haha. My books are in the main hall on a stall manned by the facebook authors’ services group BooksGoSocial. So if you’re in Dublin please pop in, say hello and pick up a 5 euros copy of Suppose We. If you cannot do that it is on sale as ebook or paperback at   You can rea...
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Free Trip to Egypt – the movie

Image result for free trip to egypt ottawa
  See Official Trailer here . Muslim, born in Halifax, raised in Ottawa, Tarek Mounib, dons a Make American Great Again cap, attends a Trump rally and asks:  Would anyone like to take a free vacation to Egypt and see what life is like in an Islamic country? Eventually seven Americans  accepted his offer. An Arizona single mom, a Kentucky beauty queen and born-again Christian, an African-American police officer, a soldier and one of his friends, and a retired school teacher (and her husband) who said she was a former liberal scarred by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “I’m so racist now, I can’t stand myself,” Ellen Decker says when she introduces herself during the film. Mounib paid for the Ameri...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Death”

heavy rain on windshield as vehicle enters busy tunnel.
#6wordstorychallenge #sixwordstory #writing #scifi #fantasy #mystery #adventure #romance #thriller #worldbuilding Today’s challenge is “Death” “Stop!” Brakes squeal – Impact. Then silence. I look forward to your responses.  Cheers,  J. I. Rogers Original link
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “World”

4 images; concept art for DNA, Tamyrh planet, Harlo-Fyre building, Alien as viewed under an electron microscope.
#6wordstorychallenge #sixwordstory #writing #scifi #fantasy #mystery #adventure #romance #thriller #worldbuilding Images from my world of “Tamyrh” Today’s challenge is “World” Myriad lives stem from alien encounter. I challenged myself to summarize my series in six words, but this can be taken to mean the literal world as well. I look forward to your responses.  Cheers,  J. I. Rogers Original link
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Jasper, Alberta, Canada – Part 2 – Introducing our granddaughter to the Rocky Mountains

As children, my husband and I were fortunate to spend many holidays with our parents in Jasper. We made sure to take our children to the mountains often over the years. This trip was the first for our granddaughter. She loved it there as much as we did. And we loved sharing our experiences with her. We stayed at Miette Hot Springs,   Hiked to the source, Enjoyed a dip in the hot pool and built a fire to roast marshmallows. In the town of Jasper, we spent a couple of hours scouring the gift shops (the munchkin had money burning a hole in her purse). Bear Hugs from Jasper and another couple of hours at Athabasca falls watching the rapids and falls and then crawling through the canyon at the bo...
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Jasper, Alberta, Canada — Part 1 – the safari

Within an hour of arriving in Jasper we saw a bear, and mountain goats, The next day we saw mountain sheep, And elk, not to mention the numerous squirrels and marmots that moved too fast for my camera, And — ta da! — a grizzly!  Unsurprisingly, bear-proof garbage cans and recycle bins were everywhere. More of Jasper and Miette next week. Original link
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From the sea shore to the Rockies

On our way to Jasper, Alberta, one of our favorite places. Will post pictures next week. Original link
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Anxiety”

an old fashioned microphone.
#6wordstorychallenge #sixwordstory #writing #scifi #fantasy #mystery #adventure #romance #thriller Today’s challenge is “Anxiety” “Don’t tell anyone.” “Your mic’s live.” I look forward to your responses.  Cheers,  J. I. Rogers Original link
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A Funeral for an Owl – Jane Davis

J D Favourite
Question: What is Jane Davis? Answer: A writer who weaves intricate plots with compelling, fully developed characters. I have now read five of her books. Each time I think, “Wow, this is the best yet.” Then I read another and think, “Wow, this is the best yet.” Question: What makes her books so riveting? Answer: Simply put, Jane is gifted. Not a single word is out of place whether she’s describing the setting, reaching into the characters’ soul, engaging her characters in dialogue…. The reader is never tempted to scan or skip portions. In fact, one is more likely to go back and re-read bits, whole chapters, or the whole book. Question: What does Jane write about? Answer: People. Ordinary peo...
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Jasper, Alberta, Canada — Part 3 – Look what I found.

Me: We’re taking the munchkin to Jasper for a few days. My ultra ursaphobic friend: Watch out for the bears. Me: Hey, girl, I know you’re terrified of them, but don’t worry. We have bear bells. My ultra ursaphobic friend: Bells! Ha! They’re just an invitation to dinner.   Tell me this isn’t the perfect shirt for her!!!   Original link
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Discovering Jesse Stone

Image result for images of tom selleck
We have just discovered—and  fallen in love with—the Jesse Stone movies. Do not ask where we’ve been all this time. But, thank you for asking why we like them so much. Big city (LA) cop (who drinks too much) is now police chief in small town Massachusetts. The wonderful, laconic Tom Selleck (we’ve been fans for years) stars as Jesse Stone.  At first glance, nothing much happens. Just like the British shows we enjoy, we are not subjected to car chases, or scenes splattered with blood and gore even though there are some killings, or young over-confident know-it-all police officers…. Uneventful as the movies seem, we can’t stop watching because we simply must  know how it will all turn out. Plu...
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The Inspiring Muse Award – June & July 2019

The Inspiring Muse Award
#JIRogers #IndieAuthor #Inspiration #Muse #Award #Blog #Poet #Share #Motivation #Writing #Art #Awesome #Humanitarian Neil Singh The Brief History of ‘The Inspiring Muse Award’ I’ve been ‘Shamelessly Promoting Someone Else’ for as many years as I’ve been online and I decided to take it one-step further. Despite the internet’s reputation for trolls, I’ve found that I interact with a brilliant collection of people on a daily basis. Each offers a gift whether it’s art, knowledge, a story, or just a well-timed joke. I wanted a way to thank them for inspiring me that was more permanent than a typed ‘thank you’. This is a personal award that I bestow on people who I feel are excellent examples of d...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “AI”

Abstract image - computer intelligence
#6wordstorychallenge #sixwordstory #writing #scifi #fantasy #mystery #adventure #romance #thriller Today’s challenge is “AI” “Access denied.” Airlock opens; atmosphere vents. I look forward to your responses.  Cheers,  J. I. Rogers Original link
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Educated – Tara Westover

Educated by [Westover, Tara]
  Mental disorder (bipolar?) + Religious fanaticism + isolation + lack of education = a life well beyond dysfunctional. Tara Westover’s life story in her book “Educated” proves to be a harrowing read. How the emotional and physical abuse affects Tara, her siblings and her mother is often beyond belief, yet as we read we come to realize that the most insidious abuse of all is the hold her father has over everyone. Tara, despite her brilliance and academic achievements, is continually drawn back seeking support and acknowledgement of the abuse from her parents, and most importantly love and acceptance from her father. “Educated” is a difficult read, yet a book you just can’t put down. Note: Th...
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These Fragile Things – Jane Davis

These Fragile Things: A Novel by [Davis, Jane]
    I’ve been a Jane Davis fan ever since I read “Smash all the Windows” and I intend to read all of her books. So far each lives up to the high standard I came to expect after reading just one of her books. Davis has a brilliant talent for placing her characters in unusual circumstances that show us the vast array of human emotion and reactions to life and the intricacies of friendship and love. I will not rest until I have read all of her work. PS She has a wonderful way with words and a laugh out loud sense of humor in her FB posts. BLURB As a London suburb reels from riots in neighbouring Brixton, Graham Jones finds fatherhood a frightening place. How can he protect his family from the o...
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#Vegan in #Prague

Two big surprises for me in Prague. Everyone knows it’s a cultural city, steeped in history both ancient and modern. Even before the Slavs occupied Bohemia in the 6th century, there were Celts and German peoples living there. The city became a hub for culture, science, arts and the Hapsburgs over the centuries. Upheavals during the first and second world wars and a mix of feelings over Communist rule until the Velvet Revolution of 1989 saw through many changes. Ironically, the city kind of stayed the same, physically, since then. That is, the buildings, streets, trams, bridges, the large student population and an esprit de corps inhabit the city like a warm glow. First surprise is the abunda...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Mythic”

firebird wing fractal
#6wordstorychallenge #sixwordstory #writing #scifi #fantasy #mystery #adventure #romance #thriller Today’s challenge is “Mythic” “From ashes, life flares… smolders. Extinguished.” I look forward to your responses.  Cheers,  J. I. Rogers Original link
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6 Degrees of Separation – connecting books

Inspired by Davida Chazan’s post, I decided to give this a try. See her chain here The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog — Davida writes, “This is a monthly link-up hosted by Kate at Books Are My Favourite and Best . Each month a book is chosen as a starting point and linked to six other books to form a chain. A book doesn’t need to be connected to all the other books on the list, only to the one next to it in the chain.” See the graphic below. FIRST DEGREE — I start my chain with a favorite, Mixed Marriage by Elizabeth Cadell (1963), a book I’ve read many times for the sheer pleasure of laughing out loud. Written in diary format, sometimes with incomplete sentences (befitting a diary, of co...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Claws”

Fractal design - 'claws'
#6wordstorychallenge #sixwordstory #writing #scifi #fantasy #mystery #adventure #romance #thriller Today’s challenge is “Claws” “The scratching and scrabbling grew closer.” I look forward to your responses.  Cheers,  J. I. Rogers Original link
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