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Yesterday I had a few things to celebrate…
The Tyrannosaurus Tex podcast, of course (despite the fact that they got my name pronounced wrong). New patrons on my Patreon page. And the great start of my worldbuilding course online.
Plus six (SIX!!) new commissions, five for articles and one for a script (my first script).
And it was Saint David, patron saint of Wales.
So I decided to spend some hard-earned cash on a book, and finally got me a copy of Lawrence Block’s Writing the Novel, in its expanded, updated edition.
What a refreshing read! (Yes, I started it straight away)

51xv4As4+1LI’ve always been a fan of Block’s fiction, and his Telling Lies for Fun and Profit was one of the books that really helped me a lot when I started writing, out of desperation, to pay my bills.
So I had great expectations, that have been so far been met and exceeded.
I love the simple, practical, approach of Block’s to the whole writing business, and I’m really having a ball with the book.
Which of course means I’m leaving my new commissions unattended, and tomorrow I’ll have to do a lot of work in a very short time – but what the heck, sometimes it’s good to take a vacation, even if it’s really a busman’s holiday.

Block’s Writing the Novel is highly recommended, for both writers, wannabe writers, or people that want to know more about the whole writing thing and have no time for affectation and posturing.

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