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children’s books: Interview with children’s author Melissa John-part 2

Welcome back everyone. This is part 2 of my interview with amazing children’s author, Melissa-Sue John and her daughters, Alyssa and Olivia.

I think it’s wonderful that your children are involved with your children’s  books. You can all share ideas together. It must be such fun.

 Tell us how you help your mom?

Olivia: I like telling her about my experiences with acting and modeling. I help my mom by giving her ideas and suggestions

Alyssa: I help with editing and providing suggestions to make the book more age appropriate and relatable. My mom is a professor so sometimes she uses words that are too advanced for the age group we are serving.

It’s so exciting you’re an actress and model, Olivia. You and your sister are adorable. I’m sure your mom values your advice when she’s writing books.

      What’s your favorite part of helping your mom with the books?

Olivia: My favorite part is seeing the story come to life once the book is illustrated. I love being a main character is a story.

Alyssa: I like the visual concept. After the book is written, I advise my mom which pictures to use to give the illustrators direction.

You both have a great deal of wisdom and you can advise your mom in different aspects of your books. Keep up the good work!

Do you think you’d like to be an author or illustrator when you grow up?

Olivia: Yes, I will still be an author when I grow up. We all have stories to tell.

It’s been lovely spending time with you today Melissa-Sue, Alyssa, and Olivia. We’ll finish our interview soon. Best wishes with your wonderful children’s books.

We enjoyed our time together, Deanie and we look forward to our next visit.”

copyright: 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


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