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Christmas Between the Vines, Christmas Guardian Angel

Good morning. Welcome to wwwblogs. In keeping with the holiday spirit, we are talking with E.B. Sullivan today about her books Christmas Between the Vines and Christmas Guardian Angel.

Christmas Between the Vines


While growing up on a vineyard, Lucia desperately wants a dog for Christmas. Fearing a puppy will ruin his vines her father denies her wish. Despite his decision, Lucia seeks a loving pet.

Christmas Guardian Angel

Isabella purchases a picturesque Victorian house from handsome Marc. His magnetism stirs her emotions and pulls her into his troubled world. Soon Isabella realizes her new house, secluded in the woods, is haunted. By communicating with the house’s spirit, Isabella hopes to learn secrets, which can help Marc resolve his conflicted past and move him into the future. During the process, Isabella finds herself falling in love.

About E.B. Sullivan

E.B. Sullivan, PhD is a clinical psychologist who loves writing fictional tales. She draws inspiration from the amazing people she has met and the magnificent places she has visited. Her home, nestled in an enchanting California forest, is an idyllic setting to stir her imagination in penning creative stories, novellas, and novels.

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