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Cold Calling Techniques that Succeed


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

There is an ongoing back and forth conversation about whether cold calling is dead. I can testify it is not obsolete. More importantly, when done well, cold calling can be highly effective.

As the receiver of cold calls, I exit the phone call politely and as quickly as possible, but yesterday was different. It was so different that I thanked Maria for calling and gave praise on her behalf to her manager

My Story

It was a typically hectic day, and unexpectedly, the phone rang. I heard “Is this Elinor?” Usually, I’ll quickly end a telemarketing call, but this time was different. Maria immediately informed me that we used to belong to the same online group before it disbanded. A smile came to my face as I recalled the experience. We began exchanging notes about the originator of the group, how it performed for each of us, and then moved the conversation to where we each are today.

Maria then moved to the sales portion of the call to ask if I were familiar with Jackie. It turns out that Jackie and I met at a live networking event two years ago. Further updates took place and the next thing I knew, I was setting an appointment to meet in Jackie’s office. I was taken aback by the progress Jackie made in just two years.

By the end of the call, I thanked Maria for contacting me.

The Successful Sales Process

Being on the receiving end of this cold call experience had me realize that Maria sells in the same style I do and that’s why I could relate so well.

Here are the steps she took that prevented me from hanging up the phone:

Maria called me by name. Our initial connection was immediately mentioned. Maria was professional throughout the conversation and personal too. We shared stories to find commonalities. We then progressed into work experience and where we are today. And only after all of the above did Maria ask if I might be interested in her work. An appointment was made and kept. Follow-up occurred immediately after the meeting.

Maria may not have originally been in sales, but she certainly could train people when the need arises.


Your Story

Most people have a tough time making cold calls, particularly if sales do not come naturally. The process gets significantly worse as people rudely slam the phone down. Unless inquiries are made on how to improve or classes taken, the next phone call will be to a recruiter or a hiring manager.

Most often the problem resides with the need to make many calls each day and not having enough time to do all that is required. Making matters worse is having a manager who breathes down your neck asking for your results.

Should you be having difficulty on your own or as an employee making calls to people you don’t know, the first order of business is to review how you might come across to others.

Is your tone of voice friendly? Are you researching the person’s information ahead of time? Are you able to detect commonality between the two of you?

Therefore, take time to review the steps listed above. Admit whether you take similar action or if improvement is needed. One idea is to test a new style and compare the results to the original approach. Another suggestion is to ask the people who participated in a conversation with you why they did so. In this manner, you will know what works well and how to continue on a successful career path.

Sales Tips
Don’t quit but find a better way to proceed. Speak frankly with clients to learn what they like best about working with you. Ask prospects and clients what makes them hang up versus continuing the conversation. Experiment with new approaches to see which work the best. inquire of peers what they find to work the best. Never use a script as is, but personalize the verbiage for authentic communication. Be professionally personal with prospective clients. Exchange insights versus traditional telling selling. Listen to input to learn and grow. Celebrate Success!

These guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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