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Color Blind Historical Fiction

People of color have existed all throughout history. One would think this was self-evident, but it doesn’t seem to come through in a lot of historical fiction. This is a good overview, with examples and references. Well done!

History Imagined

When we began History Imagined, we decided it would lie at the intersection of history and fiction, and many of our posts have covered aspects of history that impact fiction. This one is no exception. As we celebrate Black History Month, I’ve been preoccupied with issues regarding bias in historical fiction related to my own genre. In a 2017 episode of Dr. Who, in which the doctor visits the 1814 Frost Fair in London, his companion remarks that Regency England is “a bit more black than they show in the movies.” He replies, “So was Jesus. History is a white wash.” If it is, fiction has aided and abetted the process.

Detail from 13th century copy of the Domesday Book, UK Archives

Is it? Yes and no. People of color appear in European records; we can find them if we dig. Whether their roles are deliberately downplayed or simply overlooked…

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