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Color change

And then you wake up and find your blog color palette has been changed.
Not that I had anything to do about it – apparently during the night WordPress changed its “website identity” settings, and changed my dark brown accents to pale blue, as you probably can see.

I find it ugly and, also, irritating.
An off-handed reminder that by hosting Karavansara on their free servers I am not, after all, the owner of this place, nor do I really have any control of this blog.

Now I’ll have to throw away some time trying to work out a way to bring back the look of “my” blog.
I have checked out the new tools and options – now WordPress comes with a series of pre-set color palettes that are, in general, uniformly ugly.
And I mean eye-bleeding ugly.
But hey, now you can set your look-and-feel with a single click, like a good chimp.

I am quite obviously turning into an old man, rambling about the good old days, when we could set our own blog colors and fonts…

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