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Computers — Photos — the Munchkin

I bought this computer ten or twelve years ago, wrote and published seven novels on it and helped three other authors with their books. But for the past couple of years it’s been failing and slowing down and misbehaving so I knew the time had come to replace it.

Of course sending it to my favorite computer shop to be euthanized meant I’d have to back up my files and pictures to an external hard drive.

Files? No problem.

Pictures? Could be an issue.


Now, you have to understand that I’ve never been a big picture taker so where did all these come from?

Well, in 2009, the munchkin was born and I had a cell phone with picture taking ability. Did I go crazy? perhaps a bit. 12,901 pictures crazy in the Munchkin file alone — that’s what you see in the picture above — I didn’t bother to count the pictures in all the other files (trips, blog pics, etc).

I checked the external hard drive. Some of the pictures were backed up, but not all. Took me a couple of days to sort everything out. Will I be more careful labeling files and sorting pictures in the future?


Then a horrid thought occcurs. What if the hard drive should fail? I call my favorite computer shop.

“I’ve backed up all my pictures and files on a hard drive. Should I do a second backup?

The answer is an unequivocal, “Yes!”

I run out and buy a 128G Flash Drive. The young man in the store assures me that it can hold 30,000 pictures. That should be enough, but just to be sure, I buy a smaller flash drive for the files.

Now, I’m happily writing this on my new laptop which already has a folder with several (no I won’t say how many) new pictures of the munchkin on it


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