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Conscious Living

Conscious living is being aware of who you are, what you believe, and what you’re doing.

Cultural stories.

We are all born into a cultural story. We’re all told our cultural story is the truth about how things are in the world and in the universe.

However, what you are told depends on:

where you’re born, which religion your parents belong to, who is in charge of the government where you live, what they teach in the schools you attend, and the messages of the marketplace.

Cultural stories are exclusive. They teach us about us and them, where ‘them’ are those living outside our cultural norms.

Cultural stories tell us who is in charge and what laws we have to follow so we can live together. But, those same cultural stories entrench the powers of existing elites and keep the rest of us subservient.

None of our cultural stories are true. They are all made up. Their purpose is social cohesion.

The problem with our cultural stories, though, is they are based on old beliefs about God and how the world works, and over time their purpose has been usurped by the powerful for selfish ends.

Unless you choose to wake up, you stay inside your cultural story. You continue to believe what people in your culture have believed for hundreds or thousands of years. You stay within your cultural norms.

Conscious living.

Conscious living is choosing to wake up. It’s choosing to explore the validity of the beliefs and norms of your cultural story.

Conscious living is revolutionary. It sets you free from erroneous beliefs about God, other people, and the way the world works. It’s empowering, it’s a lot of work, and it threatens those around you unless they join you.

To wake up, you have to question everything you have been told and decide what to believe. You need the courage to look outside your cultural story and every other cultural story. You need to be open to new information. You need to put aside your religious framework and discover your own spirituality, and live your life from that spirituality.

I’m not going to tell what to believe. That is not my role. My role is to invite you to wake up and decide for yourself.

Nothing will change for you unless you choose to wake up.

Nothing will change for the world if we keep trying to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s ideas.


Peter Mulraney is the author of My Life is My Responsibility: Insights for Conscious Living.

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