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Controlling Your Passions

No one can argue the fact that television, the internet, movies, and even books are filled with so many inappropriate graphics and lewd words that can really tarnish a person's perception of life, family, and the way people view the world. Just imagine a teenager, young child, or even a person working hard to live a life pleasing to God, trying to decipher what is acceptable and what is not. There are so many subtle traps in any and every form of communication that can cause even the bravest soldier of the cross and life to stumble. So what help is there for people stay on their course to become children of God that are not only sayers of the word but doers of it? Well, the answers are found in God's word:

The Bible says in James 1:20, that "Human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires." Emotions, like our mindset, and actions are influenced by the "Fall of Man." Hence, our desires are fueled by different views of how life should be, and the way we were taught to embrace life.

It goes without saying that effective or ineffective parenting has a lot to do with how children learn to express their emotions. For one, silencing a child is never warranted or even lying to a child about the right or wrong way to view life. The fact is more and more children are rebelling because they have no outlet to express their emotions. Children, teens and young adults are fed up of being restrained, lied to, and taken for granted. Hence, we see all of the upheavals, and unorganized protesting which eventually leads to many casualties resulting in death, destruction of schools, buildings, and even businesses that work hard to provided products and services that we so desperately need.

Currently, there are so many proposed interventions, programs and ideas to combat such occurrences but the truth of the matter is the real answers lie within the four walls of the home. The way parents treat and address their children is key. The audio lesson...Read More

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