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Curated Content 12/15/17

Story Empire

Hi there, Story Empire fans. Friday brings us to the end of another week. It also signifies time for this week’s curated content.

Before you dive in though, you might want to check out my post from Monday, called Starting a Story III. PH Solomon shared some of his wisdom with us on Wednesday with a post on the new features of Scrivener 3.

Freshen up your eggnog and dig into this week’s curated content posts.

Amazon Book Review Policies (Updated) Facebook for Authors (best practices) Cinematic Scene Building (increase cinematic elements to increase excitement) Our Brain and Creativity (from The Kill Zone) 55 Hashtags for Writers (broken down by category and examples of usage) Masterful Verbs and Adjectives (part 2) What is Dark Fiction? (cheatsheet defining styles/genres) 20 Songs (about writing and/or for writers) Mistakes Derailing Authors (10 writing tips) Attributions (tags and beats) Editing (types and examples)

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Weekend Reads: March Forward, Girl
God is dead

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