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Danny Needs Your Votes

My new book Look for Me Under the Rainbow has been enrolled in the AllAuthor Cover of the month for their May contest, competing with 69 other books!

This year it has been enlisted a day later than other books, so already at the start it didn't have an equal position when it appeared online: it was over 140 votes behind.

This is why my harp seal pup Danny and my book need your help more than ever! Please vote for Look for Me Under the Rainbow. Help it catch up and give it a chance to fight the battle of equals. With your support, we stand a chance. Without you . . . well I don't even want to consider that option.

Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to your votes!

Please follow this link if you want to purchase Look for Me Under the Rainbow on Amazon.

To get A World Without Color, a true story of the last three days with my cat, this is the link where you can find it on Amazon.

Please consider leaving an honest review for either both or just one book. Thank you!


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