Good morning and welcome to wwwblogs. Today, I’m speaking directly to the older authors. You know who you are. It’s not just an age thing that keeps you from publishing or promoting your book. You hate social media. It can be downright difficult to understand. And there are all those people griping about their problems or sharing very embarrassing pictures—embarrassing to you I might add.
First of all, I fall right into that “old people” demographic you swear would never go to social media. Yup, I sure do. And I’ve embraced Facebook, Twitter, Google +, a blog, and many other social media sites because to fulfill my dream of being an author, I need to do that in the twenty-first century. Even better, I actually understand those sites, although that did take some time.

So, let me remind those griping they’re too old to embrace social media of some important facts. My generation are the ones that have done more than our share to bring the world to this level of technology. We were challenged and rose up to meet that challenge of finding new and better ways to communicate.

Our generation was the one who worked to bring computers into both the home and the workplace. Some of us were lucky enough to be part of the world’s largest WAN (wide area network) with the Air Force’s F-16 program in the eighties. This was a precursor of the World Wide Web. While other people were swearing up and down that these desktop computers were a fad that would soon disappear, we were chatting on bulletin boards with people all around the world. We embraced the new tech and welcomed additions to it with ease.

Even the cell phone phenomena didn’t catch us short.  We quickly learned how to text and visit social media sites with these devices. So, for teens today to think their parents/grandparents are out of the loop and don’t belong with social media, for older authors to moan and groan they don’t understand this wonderful way of getting your books out to a wider audience, I say this.

Learn the tech. Enjoy the time on social media. Let everyone see your wonderful books and stop griping. We really did bring all this about. Just because there’s gray in our hair and our step is a bit slower doesn’t make us dinosaurs!

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Born and raised in Southern California’s Los Angeles basin, K.C. Sprayberry spent years traveling the United States and Europe while in the Air Force before settling in northwest Georgia. A new empty nester with her husband of more than twenty years, she spends her days figuring out new ways to torment her

She’s a multi-genre author who comes up with ideas from the strangest sources. Those who know her best will tell you that nothing is safe or sacred when she is observing real life. In fact, she considers any situation she witnesses as fair characters and coming up with innovative tales from the South and beyond. game when plotting a new story.

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