WOAH….STOP THE PRESS!!! HOLY SHIT is this book HOT and very twisted! As you all know I am not into reading romance and this is not romance but believe me when I tell you that cold showers are needed when reading this book! Is it dark? YES! Is it twisted? HELL YES! Do I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY!!!

There are 27 tales in this book and not one of them disappointed me. Most of the authors I had not heard of before but sometimes we all know that this can be a delightful thing as we get some new reading material and get to know new friends. Most all of my friends have heard of David Owain Hughes who wrote All Wound Up. He has a story in this anthology and this story alone is worth getting the book. Xtina Marie also has an amazing story in this anthology and one you don’t want to miss. I can’t touch on all of the stories I liked because I liked them all. Now I know, you are saying that I am biased because I work for HellBound Books Publishing. Yes, I do but you also know that I tell it like I see it and this is one you want to read.

There was one story that was really set apart from the rest. I had to look the author up and I couldn’t find him on social media. Into detective mode I went looking under ever rock and behind every bush until I found what I was looking for. He is from the Netherlands and man can he write. I sure hope to see more of him in the future. His story is the last one in the anthology. I won’t tell you much about it because it will spoil your reading experience and I don’t want to do that. Let just say that if you don’t read anything thing else read the last story. I know you won’t be able to only read that one but it’s amazing. HellBound Books Publishing has really outdone themselves and I’m proud to say there will be a volume two down the road. I’m definitely on board to read that one.

Please take some time to read and review everything you read it really does make a huge difference to the Author and Publisher.

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