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Disability: A miracle for Aldrin

What if you were born with a horrible, painful disability that made walking practically impossible? Little eleven-year-old Aldrin was born in the Philippines with severely deformed legs. Was there any hope for him to have a normal life?

Things looked bleak for little Aldrin, but the doctors from Tim Tebow’s Cure Foundation had experience in surgically fixing the Aldrin’s disability.  This very complex procedure involved correcting Aldrin’s spinal curvature, and the position  of the bones and tendons in his legs because his knees bent the wrong way. If you visualize a flamingo’s legs, that’s the way Aldrin’s legs  looked.

Days before the surgery, the air conditioning at the hospital was scheduled for repair.  But when the doctors entered the hospital, they found that the air conditioning still broken. How could they possibly operate under such uncomfortable, hot, conditions? Who would come to the rescue? Fortunately, one of the nurses had a great idea. What did she do? She filled buckets with ice and plugged in a fan positioned so it blew the over the ice bucket , circulating the cooler air around the room. Wasn’t that ingenious?

How did Aldrin’s Mom feel about the surgery? Here are her thoughts.

“When he had surgery it was OK because their staff gave us encouragement and they take care of us very well,” Aldrin’s mother, who was not identified, said in a video released by the Tim Tebow Foundation. “They encourage me and gave me strength that God knows and has an idea on what is best for him. God is in control just like your doctors and whatever is good for Aldrin.”

After the surgery, Aldrin wore casts on his legs. But the rehab  could be the most difficult part of the whole ordeal. Aldrin would need extensive physical therapy. But Dr.  Tim Mead, one of the surgeons who performed the surgery on Aldrin, predicted:  “With hard work and God’s grace, Aldrin will be able to walk tall without people staring.”

What an amazing journey it has been for Aldrin. Huge congratulations to Dr. Mead and The Tim Tebow Cure Foundation for giving Aldrin the opportunity for a bright future. To me, it’s a miracle for Aldrin.

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