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Dividing my time at Meet the Teacher night

Image result for meet the teacherThis past Tuesday was Meet the Teacher at my kids’ middle school. Now a middle school Meet the Teacher is quite different than at the elementary level.

At the elementary, you typically only have one teacher/classroom to visit, and there is no hurry. The teacher has plenty of time to tell you the ins and outs of her class and what she expects of your student.

But at middle school (and later at high school), you have eight teachers/classrooms to visit. In our case, we had to walk our child’s schedule, visiting the classes in order. For many, finding the classrooms alone was a problem though they did give you a map and had students posted throughout the school to direct you.

And since you don’t have unlimited time in each class (we had just 4 minutes per class with a five-minute “passing period”) you have less time to hear about the class. But it is still nice to put a face with the name.

Of course, my challenge when both kids go the same school is that I have to pick one teacher (or set of teachers) to see. In elementary, I tended to go to Jase’s Meet the Teacher as I would have already been to one for Lexie’s current grade when I had gone to see that grade for Jase. At the end of the evening, I would usually stop by to meet Lexie’s teacher who could tell me if there was anything major I missed.

When Lexie was still at the elementary and Jase already at the middle school, I didn’t have to split my time as the Meet the Teacher events were on different nights. But this year, both kids are at the middle school. With 8 classes to visit, I simply picked 4 for each kids. I did math and science for both as well as art for Lexie and orchestra for Jase. That left me with Reading class for Lexie and English for Jase. (That means I missed PE for both kids, English, social studies and study hall for Lexie, Reading, history and debate for Jase.)

Image result for silent auctionIn addition to last Tuesday being Meet the Teacher, it was also the first parent-teacher association meeting of the school year (and I am PTA president) and also the PTA’s Silent Auction. So, as you can imagine, it was a busy day for me.

It started with a District Council PTA meeting in the morning. After picking up one last auction item and lunch, I was up at the middle school setting up for the silent auction. This year, most of our items were available on an online auction but we still had the items on display. (Our auction turned out well with over $5400 raised.)

My biggest worry was actually the PTA meeting because I don’t like speaking in front of large groups and this by far will be the largest group I have to speak in front of with about 400 parents packed into the cafeteria.

But the meeting and auction went well as did the Meet the Teacher part. And next year, I won’t have to divide my time between their teachers as once again the kids will be at different schools. I’m looking forward to that. But since it will be my second year as PTA president, both the PTA meeting and Silent Auction will still be a part of my day. And I’d rather skip those events.


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