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Do You Deliver On Promises?

Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

As a buyer, nothing is more disappointing than to witness disappearing promises. Upon hearing a friend’s unhappy story, many sales lessons come to mind. The seller’s desire for his commission turned everything he previously stated upside down.

Trust Is the Soul of Sales.

My Story and that of My Friend

Society is experiencing an exciting changeover in technology when it comes to specialty cars. Leasing or buying is a challenge for many because the question of trust always arises. Buyers want to know if the car is reliable and safe to drive. Most of all, is a fair price in the offering and will the value be seen?

Given today’s backlog and the latest developments, one topic is missing from the conversation. We now need to ask: 

“Can I count on timely delivery for the model I want?” “Is there flexibility with the delivery date in case I am out of town?”

Credibility and Trust Encourage A Returning and Referring Clientele.

My friend, Crystal, and her husband proudly put a deposit down on a new car. The delivery date was approximate. An assurance was provided that some flexibility will exist for pickup.

After many months of waiting, Crystal happily received word that the car on hold is ready to claim as their own. She immediately called the representative to let him know they were out of town. Her request was to pick up the car three days later upon their return.

Unbelievably, she heard the representative say, “Don’t hurry back. l have another customer and will sell the vehicle to them.”

The salesman’s motive was to earn the commission sooner than later. And his actions violated trust. The couple will never consider that make of automobile again.

On another note, perhaps the issue is with just the one representative. Or, it’s possible the company culture is one of demanding sales. The threat of being fired potentially hangs over the heads of all the salespeople. However, it is far better to consider the viewpoint of the prospective client.

Poor word of mouth travels quickly and kills the chance of earning client loyalty. Crystal and her husband have an extensive network, and you can guess the rest.

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Your Story About Promises

The best lessons arrive in the lost sales. There is no embarrassment about losing sales as long as you figure out the ‘why’ and how to improve. Errors are the best teachers as long as motivation exists to do better each day.

Upon reviewing lost sales, determine if any of the following took place:

Lack of clarification led to misunderstanding Client goals were secondary The value was not well-presented Requests were disregarded  The main focus was on the hopeful commission

Serving the interests of clients first will put your goal achievement next in line. Sometimes you have to do a balancing act between the wishes of the company you represent and the client. As an entrepreneur, you maintain control over the better way to proceed.

In either case, always put the sales effort on the highest plane possible to earn trust.

Listen to the Sales Reinvented Podcast Show to learn from many experts on the better way to sell.

Doing what is right at every step will earn you a returning and referring clientele.

Sales Tips for Delivering on Promises
Obtain client goals Ask for budget Inquire about timeline Ask what to avoid Inquire about expected extras State what you can and cannot provide Ask if the client is okay with your ‘can not provide’ list Repeat the list of expectations Get the buy-in for the best delivery date Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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