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Do You Encourage A Collaborative Community?

Be the Dreamer Who Puts Ideas Into Action

Attract the Right Job Or Clientele

Our current environment can be a motivating moment in time for us to encourage a collaborative community for all. Everywhere we turn is an opportunity to listen to concerns, ideas respectfully, and new thoughts, albeit online or in-person.

One person alone can only achieve so much. By inviting a variety of perspectives and giving equal voice to each, new ideas come forth. The concept applies to politics, business, and serving communities. The benefit is that more robust solutions are likely to develop and appeal to a broader audience. In any capacity, we can gain a competitive advantage when we encourage a collaborative community.

Are you a dreamer who attempts to put ideas into action? The moment I heard the song, ‘Imagine,’ by John Lennon, I knew it would be my all-time favorite. I’ve always been a dreamer and welcome you to join me. When we put our imagination to work for a better outcome, the magic begins to happen.

Imagine Lyrics by John Lennon via Google

Imagine all the people living life in peace,
You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

My Story

International travel opened my eyes wide, seeing how other people live and view life. There are no right or wrong answers on how to live. But exceptions always exist. The one exception in how to live life is that of omitting violence and prejudice.

The news about how some of the police behave is gut-wrenching. Hollywood is ahead of the curve. The show, The Rookie, portrays a police station filled with officers from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. Everyone is respectful of those they meet, whether in the office or on the street. Perhaps the television series portrayal of police on duty should be mandated training for police stations across the nation.

Another consideration is to revamp methods and practices for hiring. Professional business hiring and training can contribute to an improved solution. Interview questions should include inquiries about previous experience and the candidate’s extent of welcoming diversity. Like business interviews, one question to include could be, ‘tell me about a time you approached a potentially dangerous situation, and how you handled it.’

For business, the drawn line is more subtle. Some work strictly to make money without giving thought to integrity. Some people can be trusted only to the point when we comply with what they want. Those entering the sales profession of this mindset typically do not last long. And the executives who believe they are in charge and can make better decisions view employees at the lowest level. In their eyes, lowe- level people do not deserve to be heard. Accordingly, the bottom-line suffers from rapid turnover.

A real leader helps to educate and train employees so that they may also rise the career ladder as they wish. The process encourages employee loyalty and excellent performance.

Equality is severely lacking among many companies in all respects. Salary, team meeting input, and promotion inequality are evident. As frustration builds, it leads many to entrepreneurship independence. Corporate misses out on the creativity inside the minds of the employees about to exit. The novel ideas are what put the few companies at the top of the financial charts.

Creative Minds Do Not Quit

The entrepreneurial mindset does not quit. Entrepreneurs use their rejected ideas as the basis for their new business. They forge forward on a mission to prove their self-worth and that their creative ideas hold merit. They then chart their path with passion and for a better tomorrow.

Motivation and perseverance against all the odds are the differentiators of entrepreneurs.

A previous post mentioned that the automotive industry is undergoing tremendous change. Ted Ings announced the Fixed Ops Roundtable Speakers from all aspects of the automotive industry, and Brian Tracy, salesman extraordinaire, will before you live. Included will be the raffling of a DJI Mavic Mini Drone. Alluding to Hollywood once again, it is billed as ‘Back to the Future.’ Join the virtual event, Thursday, June 18, 2020, 9:45 am to 5:30 pm eastern time. USE PROMO CODE SMOOTHSALE FOR A COMPLIMENTARY TICKET

The Women’s Bureau Centennial (Department of Labor) 1920-2020 came to my attention. They are seeking the stories of women to share as we celebrate our progress to date. Sadly, in 100 years, we haven’t made as much progress, as I hoped for in my youth. However, as we encourage a collaborative community, our voices will be heard. Should you be a female, they are seeking stories of how you advanced past all of the hurdles and roadblocks. I submitted mine.

I invite you to dream together and improve the world for future generations.

Your Story: Encourage A Collaborative Community

If you are currently frustrated with events, consider how you may encourage a collaborative community. Take time to examine your current situation and the improvements as you see them. Before you leave employment, attempt to have a serious conversation with the person or people in charge. If you know of others who have similar concerns, encourage them to join in the discussion.

Inspiring Moments Are the Game Changers

Consider the people you have met and the ideas that frequently come to mind that inspire you.

Is there a commonality or several among all of it? Which thoughts capture your imagination? How can you leverage the best of what is in front of you today?

Write down your most far-reaching ideas that come to mind, those that may take a lifetime to accomplish. Next, write down what needs to come together to get started. Create a goal-setting plan between the starting steps and the distant future. Now consider those you know who may be interested in combining forces and encourage a collaborative community. There will be no stopping you when everything is in place.

Become the dreamer and the encourager for success to appear.


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