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Do you feel goosebumps?

Every person has something that turns her on. That is why certain men have no chance because they use the wrong approach. I love silence and distance but also I love constructive conflicts. That is something that creates goosebumps. 

Aggressive and pushy men were always turn off for me. Bossy men who watch all women as the same never attracted me. 

What happens in the body structure when we feel goosebumps? Short breath. Faster heartbeats. Blushing cheeks. Trembling voice. All these are signs of chemistry, that can't be pretended. 

When Alisa saw Ken after a long time she was confused. What to say without sound stupid? If she will be open, it will look like an easy target. If she will be silent and distanced, that will have the wrong impact, like she is not interested.

Intuition said her what to do. She did not make a plan. She talked about the usual things and used a smile. Ken looked at her with big excitement. He was hungry like a beast, he would like to grab her and throw in the bed. She felt his strong desire so she delayed this moment. His desire will rise with time and the next step was in her hands.

Chemistry never gets old. It has no time and manners. You can blush by seeing handsome men on the street but also you might feel inferior about men who are popular and everyone said about him only nice words. 
You can feel attracted by someone who is average but his behavior is causing heating between you two. Also, you can stay cold for men who are attractive and every woman wants them. 

Chemistry could not be planned. You can't control it or stop it, but you can feel younger and more energetic when you feel goosebumps. 
Original author: Kristina Gallo
Weekend Reads: “The Silent Corner”
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