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Do You Have A Backup Process?


Your backup process is equal to a lifejacket for remaining in business. Troubles can come in all shapes and sizes. A variety of stories are shared today so you may avoid similar incidents.

My Stories About Backup:

#1. Technology 

Long ago, I was solely focused on technology backup. My computer froze prohibiting access to files. Thankfully, a friend in IT suggested we put the hard drive in the freezer for a while. Magically, the suggestion worked, and I was back in business.

#2. Creating A Podcast

In the third year of my entrepreneurship, I was encouraged to create a podcast. I was motivated to learn about audio recording and editing. And it was exciting to line up the guest list.

Everything was going well until six months into the effort.  The hosting company experienced a data crash. All of the interviews were lost. There was no backup system in place.

The company shied away from reimbursing even a portion of the paid monthly fees. Instead, they expected me to continue as if nothing happened. I decided to move in another direction.

#3. Personnel

As we plan a vacation, it is also necessary to prepare for backup personnel. Two medical mishaps took place due to a lack of planning.

Rosemary’s husband passed, and she needed to authorize a death certificate. However, the person in charge was on vacation. The person in the office had no clue how to handle. Luckily for Rosemary, a medical professional from another hospital knew Rosemary and stepped in to help.

A friend was diagnosed with a heart problem and possible surgery ahead. Following instructions, she called back a week later to make another appointment. Only the heart doctor was away for 75 days. Researching other doctors became her priority.

#4. Collaborative

Entrepreneurs are usually involved with a group in a collaborative effort. When one person goes away, the others can help by covering for one another to some degree. In all situations, it’s a great idea to seek out supportive groups to ensure covering all bases.

#5. Alternate Backup Plans

Often a job doesn’t prove to be what we expect, or a path for business doesn’t turn out the way we anticipate. The full sales pipeline of opportunity is an excellent example of what we should have in place at all times.

As one builds a career, it’s always good to have ideas in mind for next rungs in the career ladder. Sometimes parallel paths prove to be of more significant interest. Nevertheless, possibilities for the next step is always to be kept in mind for when the time is right.

Not everything works out to perfection in business. We need to maintain a flexible plan in place. When one idea disappoints, the full opportunity pipeline is ideal. We then waste little time on wondering what to do next. Thoughts continue to pour forth.

Taking care of potential mishaps rewards you with a loyal clientele.  For related insight read, “Are You Forecasting Year-End Results?”

Your Story About A Backup Process

We build a business upon the human connection. No one is infallible. The first remedy for procedures not backed up is to acknowledge the situation. Think about your clients and how you would feel if you were in their position. Are you prepared to handle the unexpected?

For insights on retaining clients in spite of mishaps, Read “Do You Negotiate Improved Client Happiness?”

Do You:

Believe the calamities will not happen to you Have a flexible plan in place for backup Continue to develop possibilities in all regards?

In your quiet time, think about the lessons learned for improving backup in all regards. It’s easiest to ignore what should be in place until the unthinkable happens.

If you were the victim of a situation not adequately thought out, how did it conclude? Were you satisfied in the end or did you decide to never return as a client? If the incident was on your end, did you quickly fix the situation and make your client happy again? Are you now diligent about having backup plans in place?

While we can’t avoid all catastrophes, we can have workaround solutions in place for the ‘just in case’ scenario. Taking steps upfront saves devastating consequences on the backend.

Sales Tips for a Backup Process:
List the areas where clientele depend upon you Add to the list the venues from which you receive payment For each capacity determine if a backup plan is in order Create backup processes in anticipation of possible mishaps Before vacation, double-check necessary systems, and people in place Establish agreements within groups to fill in for one another Whenever a disaster occurs, check in with clients to verify they are okay For any mishap that involves a fee, negotiate a reasonable settlement with clients Be sure your backup plan backs up reasons to do business with you. Celebrate Success!

These sales tips are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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