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Do You Listen to Sales Professionals?


NOTE:  Today’s guest blog is provided by Stefan Johansson, Creator of the Sales Scenario Podcast for Sales Professionals

Stefan is a serial entrepreneur, founder of several businesses.  He mostly specializes in Sales and IT. He has been delivering sales and marketing advice for over 20 years. Today Stefan is focusing on Sales Scenario, a management consulting company in Sales & Marketing.  One important part of the company is his Blog Radio program.  It stands out by containing hundreds of sales tips podcasts provided by the best sales experts on the planet.


Sales Professionals Beware:
‘The Sales Rep’ becomes the new unemployment profession if we don’t care.

More than 50% of all sales reps are not reaching their quota. At the same time, the sales process is rapidly changing. It requires an entirely new set of skills.

Recent reports tell us that over 70% of a buyer’s journey is done without connecting with a Sales Rep. Many buyers feel they possess greater knowledge of a company’s products than the Sales Rep himself. Buyers know a lot more about the problems they must solve than the Sales Rep.

Why has it gone this far?

We are getting better and better at setting up great portals of information on our company websites. Search engines serve the customers’ continual increasing need for knowledge. And they are becoming increasingly accurate in their results. Customers are much more confident deciding by themselves with available solutions to their problems. They see less need for being guided by a Sales Rep’s voice from the world outside.  Gone are the days leading up to the late 90’s.

Questions that come to mind:

Are Sales Reps needed in the future? (The pressure on them has already begun to prove to be devastating for their employment.) How many of the Sales Reps are positioned today to be fired?

Let’s do something about the situation, I thought.

I’ve been a sales rep myself, and I cannot count the mornings I woke up with worries about not meeting my sales goal. If I didn’t, I’d get fired. Somehow, my career developed to become an experienced sales expert myself.  I wanted to pay back.

I started out writing a sales blog. But, I soon realized it was only my own perspectives I was writing and sharing. So, I reached out to some of the best sales experts in the world. They were asked if they would like to share their best sales tips ~ in one single place ~ for free.

Sales professionals: Just like Doctors Without Borders.

The experts loved to contribute!  The Sales Scenario Blog Radio was born. Similar to actively selling, we experimented to find the following:

The sales tips had to be in an audio format.  Insights need to be short enough to enable Sales Reps and their managers to acquire the knowledge at free time slots. Efficiency is essential for listening to the podcast between meetings, driving the car, and commuting to and from the office.

Today, Sales Scenario consists of over 30 of the very best experts in Sales on the planet. You can tune in to hear well over 300 quality and easy-to-consume sales tips.

Check it out now: Please visit the Sales Scenario Blog Radio podcast. 

This is only the end of the beginning!

The Sales Scenario will soon invite all 300 million Sales Reps around the world to share their very best sales tip. 

Each tip is to be reviewed and approved by certified sales experts. Together we will help each other. What a fantastic treasure chest we in Sales do possess! And what a waste if we don’t open it up and use it!

Now it’s the time to do it, or we’ll all die (or become unemployed at least).

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