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Do you owe a dog because you feel weak?

I am walking during my lunch pause. Step by step, I am walking and I almost stood at dog poop. This path is full of dog poop which I can't avoid, but my eyes are opened widely. If I cross on the other side, there are people with dogs. That dogs are without a leash and I must be careful. The world is full of dogs and people who use them as a tool of power, a blanket for loneliness and as medication for frustration.

I don't have anything against dogs, as long they don't bite me. If you have a house, you need a dog against burglars. If you live in a flat, that is different. Do you think about it, is your dog barking too much? What other people in this building say?

The point is mostly people don't care about other's rights and opinions. This is my dog and he is in my flat so I will do what I want. Imagine, you get up at work early, but the dog is barking at night because his owner left away. Or he is hungry, or mad. 

These are some of the people's reactions when you nag about a dog:
"Dogs are cleaner that people."
"He will not bite you, he is just sniffing."
"You hate animals, don't you?"

Summertime is a period when people love to swim in the river in Croatia. You can't find a river beach without a dog. You must share a meadow with dogs, you are swimming with them. If you complain, the owner will say: "You hate dogs, so you don't like people either."

Here is a kind of penalty if you hold a dog in a public place without a leash, you will pay 70 Euro. But how does it work in practice? We don't have someone who would force you to pay it immediately.

The dogs are not problems, their owners are.

What I read in a black chronicle?

"A dog bites a baby."
"A dog bites an old woman. "

"A dog bites his owner till death. "

Animals are like fire, if you can use them properly they are useful. If you don't know how to teach them a discipline they will destroy you. 

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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