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Do You Purposefully Under-Sell Yourself?


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

My Story;  How and Why I Under-Sell

 A surprise offer boosts motivation and makes the previous struggles seem well-worthwhile!

Everyone stopped in the moment upon seeing an ex-football player arrive at the party.

The man has personality plus! As we enjoyed a community dinner, ‘John’ took center stage to entertain us all. Toward the end of the meal, I asked if he ever considered becoming a comedian. The question had John laughing as he answered, ‘no.’

After dinner, John and I enjoyed a private conversation. Upon hearing that John authors children’s’ books, the conversation advanced to business and sales. Intrigued by a couple of my stories, he asked that I follow up with him as he can use my insight.

Never before did I believe I had much in common with football players other than the drive to advance to goal! Salespeople are knocked down all the time (without bodily injury) needing to get back up and continue advancing.

A few days later, John gave me one of the best compliments.  He shared that he reviewed my website and had one comment to make:  

“You undersell. Yourself, I should have gotten your autograph!”

One of my goals is to continue the conversation with John, and see where it may lead us.

His statement brought a big smile as I fondly recalled the tagline companies gave me: “A Breath of Fresh Air.”  The designation became my brand.

My clientele was tired of the pushy behavior seen in most sales representatives. My style was to figure out first if we were a good match. Life is too short to proceed if an agreeable solution and respect for one another aren’t in the making.

Reduce Self-Importance and Under-Sell

Last in our conversation, but first in the sales ledger was and should always be, ‘Respect.’ Many times, it was the guard with guns, receptionists, and admins who were able to obtain the appointment with the executives on my behalf.

We each belong to the human race; treat everyone equally. For more insight, read “With Whom Do You Compete?”  

Your Story to Under-Sell

No doubt you have worked with boisterous salespeople or have seen some in action as a buyer.

Give thought to how you reacted upon hearing or witnessing their tactics:

Did You:

Walk away as the buyer Cringe in the sales environment as they spoke Attempt to do the opposite in front of clientele?
Should you be employed and on a sales team, here is a fun exercise:

Look at the sales scoreboard to see who the people are both at the top and at the bottom of the rankings. Silently consider their personalities.

Do They:

Brag about their prowess Fail to let anyone else speak Show empathy Work hard to pinpoint the best solutions Seek out the opinions of others?

There is much to learn from the behavior and actions of others. Keep a keen eye out for attitude, too. Positive thinking substantially helps.

How to Under-Sell and Accomplish More
Listen, question and clarify Ask the prospective client to share their experiences Engage in conversation Share only snippets of your story that align with your prospect Laugh together at errors, surprises, and good news!
The budding relationship between you and the client is the real commodity.

On occasion, you may doubt being able to achieve everything expected. State that you need to research possibilities and will follow-up as soon as you have the facts. Keep every promise and report back before the proposed deadline.

Back in the office, replay conversations in your head. Weigh the pros and cons of the insights shared. Decide if working with each prospect will turn into an enjoyable endeavor.

Should you realize you cannot meet expectations, say so! Before walking away, suggest areas where you can be of help.

Honesty serves to grow business in three areas:

Backup vendor Referrals Testimonials

The above three bullet points define the Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips to Under-Sell and Sell More!
Listen more than you speak Make the person with whom you meet the center of attention Be professionally personal and engaging in conversation Observe surroundings and make inquiries of what stands out Watch facial expressions and body language; ask questions as you see change Admit when you do not understand a term; ask for an explanation Speak without ego showing Ask for likes and dislikes of what was discussed Inquire how you may proceed together and find a meeting of the minds Celebrate Success!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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