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Do You Push Seemingly Easy Sales?

Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

As a salesperson, it is irritating to have others push their seemingly easy sales on me. Two recent incidents prompt today’s blog.

My Story About Seemingly Easy Sales

Please be forewarned that an easy sale rarely exists. Even when referrals from a good friend come your way, conversations take twists and turns. How we handle the questions, disconnects and surprising suggestions, determines the outcome.

Those who appear to want the easy sale come across as lazy. Below are two examples of what took place the past few days:

Example #1

An easy-to-relate-to incident was via email. The sender sent an irritated follow-up note stating that I was about to miss out if I don’t reply to her offer.

The problem is she did not:

Research my information Connect the dots to her program Inquire if I have interest rather than stating that I’m ‘missing out.’

It is evident that the sender is reaching out to the masses for a possible quick income versus attempting to earn sales by delivering value to those in need.

Example #2

‘Susan’ is interested in purchasing a rental property for a side income. She purposefully asked for two recommendations from two different people. The first agent merely sent listings and asked which ones Susan would like to visit. The problem is, everyone is capable of researching property listings online. Without any added value offered, this agent was passed over.

In contrast, the second agent held a preliminary conversation to ask about income goals and knowledge of the area. She then gave a history of three towns located next to one another. Agent #2 then volunteered that one of the cities offers an improved ROI.

As you can guess, Agent #2 is the choice for earning the business. This agent is going out of her way to work with Susan. 


Your Story for Seemingly Easy Sales

You may not always have a lifetime client. However, when you impress someone by the value and service you bring to the table, they will refer you and provide glowing testimonials. Others are always monitoring your mindset and motivation underlying the sales process.  One’s personal brand is at stake whether an entrepreneur or an employee on the job.  

For more insight read,  “Are You Adding Value to Client Services?” 

Consider whether you are sometimes tempted to try the easy way to get business, or if you always work to earn the sale. Think about situations where you lost out to your competitors and those where you saw reward.

Ask yourself:

What were the differentiators between the losses and the wins Is there a part of your process that may use improvement Can you leverage the appreciative remarks into a consistent approach?

The best way to get a sale on a solid footing is to do research ahead of time. Research the person you are about to meet, the company and the industry. If it is a private individual, eg. the real estate story, be conversational to get to know a little about them. In all situations, be in the moment and enjoy the give and take in becoming familiar with one another.

It is the relaxed approach where you focus on the person, not the sale, that earns the best return on investment of time.

Sales Tips
Avoid laziness when it comes to earning a sale Ask every person about their personal and business goals Inquire if there is anything to avoid or something unique to focus on Accept input on ideas to have an open discussion Narrow down the preferences of your prospective client and prioritize As possibilities arise, ask for thought and reasoning Verify and clarify all requests Deliver service beyond what you promise Earn the sale Celebrate Success!
These tips lead to The Smooth Sale! 


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