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Do You See the Forest Through the Trees?


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

For a sales related blog, the title ‘Do you see the forest through the trees?’ might seem odd. The fact is we get so bogged down sometimes that we lose sight of the bigger picture. In fact, the weeds of obligation that sprout up can overtake the trees plus the forest. With the right focus, we can begin to clear our path and again see the forest.

My Story

We are never alone as much as we sometimes trick ourselves into believing it’s so. In conversation with Jill, I realized 2017 had been a tough year for many with myself included. But I continually remind myself of the one aspect of business I most enjoy, and that is writing. A previous blog, ‘Use Timeout to Rejuvenate and Improve Results’  provides insights on how to rediscover your passion.

Articles appear all the time about the importance of finding your passion and making it the center of your work. The importance of enthusiasm applies to both those employed and entrepreneurs. As years ago by, we strive to learn as much as possible and incorporate the learning into our daily routine. But at some point, it is necessary to come to terms with what we enjoy doing, and that which needs to be eliminated. We remove the weeds that interfere with our work so that we may once again see the forest.

In the past, I have created sales training and coaching programs, a comprehensive product line, webinars, podcast, vendor-specific offerings at trade shows, articles, blogs, videos, documentation, and books. These are in addition to many types of collaborative projects too. For each phase of our business, I find it necessary to eliminate those segments that eat up too much time without great results, so that I may focus on the less stressful and more successful routes.

The best advice ever received and worth repeating is to leverage what you most enjoy. Given I like writing, I provide the blog, create new books on occasion and contribute articles to several sites. And these lead to requests for services. The better part is while I focus on what I enjoy most, it encourages larger followings and increased opportunities. And this is where the analogy comes into play for the forest.


Your Story

Do you cringe each new work week or do you look forward to giving your projects a complete workout and work through? Consider the components you most enjoy. Figure out if you can eliminate those avenues you find stressful and replace with the enjoyable. Are you able to leverage what you like most into additional paths for income?

The other dilemma to consider is what happens when an unusual opportunity is offered that frightens you a bit?  Do you shy away from the offer or do you accept, and then scramble to get the help you need? The latter action is the best, and will greatly enhance your overall performance.

One of the keys to success is to leave your comfort zone and take a calculated risk from time to time. Calculated means it is somewhat over your head as far as familiarity, but with help, you can achieve the goal in front of you. Once you do move in that direction, it becomes a new habit of taking the risk and will fast track your progress.

Sales Tips
Weed out all the unnecessary tasks and obligatory efforts. Concentrate on the essentials to regain focus on what’s most important for you. Make your focus that which you enjoy doing on a day-to-day basis. Add venues to complement your focus. Take classes and hire a mentor to improve your effort. Accept offers that scare you a bit to get out of your comfort zone. Track your progress as time moves forward. Every six months reconsider all tracks to weed out the unnecessary. Gain clarity on the forest in front of you and reset your ultimate goal. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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