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Do You Try to Change Rules?


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Some systems are broken, and it is up to each of us to work to change rules. The most effective way is to research the problem and then ask questions one by one to resolve.

My Story

I was recently asked to contribute to a program already in place for job seekers. To my surprise, the entire subject matter is solely on how to conduct an online job search.

My response, “And…?”

There was no add-on to the topic. Job Search ~ end of story. I took the time to explain that it is only phase one and not helpful without the follow-on steps. Craig looked puzzled.

I then suggested further ideas such as:

Updated resumes utilizing the latest style in addition to experience In-depth research before applying to each company Customizing resumes and cover letters to the interest of each company Cover letters short, sweet and to the point of how one can be of value Communication strategies on interviews to get hired and negotiate for a fair salary

Craig was not happy with my commentary. However, he had included higher-ups in his previous email to me. I emailed the senior people plus thanked Craig for his time meeting with me. I then showcased my interest and how I thought the program might improve.

The two senior-level people asked that we meet. We enjoyed an engaging conversation about many topics. By the end, they were interested in my ideas and my books. Craig previously forewarned me never to mention my business or books. Changing rules, the higher level people gladly accepted my business card and a postcard featuring the books.  

We are now further investigating how a program may move forward on the better footing. The opportunity is due to my attempt to change rules.

Hesitancy to speak up allows everything to remain the same.


On another level, women are often shy about speaking up. Early in my career, I was seen as a rebel. But if we have the desire to succeed and be a good role model for future generations, we need to be:

Motivated Outspoken at times Continually persevering toward our goals.

On occasion, there is a need to change rules.

Joshua Wilson, Host of the popular ‘Bet The Jockey Podcast’ likes my tagline, ‘Breaking Barriers.’ He asked that I share my story about changing rules on his show. You can listen by clicking this link. 

The first few minutes I speak about my near-death experience that foreshadows where I am today. And then we talk about sales on a variety of levels to help listeners surpass their current status to their future vision.

Your Story to Change Rules

There are times when we feel a need to speak up but are reluctant to do so. When a situation arises that has you questioning what you hear, be brave and speak up!

When something doesn’t sound or appear right, you are the one who can change rules. But not doing or saying anything allows everything to remain as is. If you have co-workers, partners or employees, the pros and cons of speaking up need careful consideration.

Your habits speak for you if your voice remains silent.

Do You:
Put your head down and shrug off what you don’t like Ask questions centering on why specific guidelines exist Attempt to improve what is in place and change the rules?

All of the above takes commitment to do what is right and improving upon what is already in place. None of this has to do with ego. Instead, the idea is to work for the greater good.

In sales speak, you negotiate the better outcome as you work for a win-win. Sometimes you have to surf the strong tide to get to the smooth waters.

Attempt an exchange of ideas Respectfully seek out the decision-makers Portray an improved future with your help

Change rules to empower others. Teamwork and empowerment of others earn loyalty through a returning and referring clientele.

Sales Tips For Changing Rules
Consider why you are unhappy with a situation Determine which improvements you can put in place Share your ideas with teammates Find decision-makers who will listen to ideas Conduct a meeting with those potentially willing to change Ask attendees at the meeting for their input Find agreement among everyone in attendance Create a new agenda together Present your findings and the new program to everyone else Celebrate Success!

These sales tips are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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