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Do You Use Search Engine Ranking Strategy?

Attract the Right Job or Clientele 

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Which Are The Most Popular Search Engines To Target For SEO?

Search engines and SEO mean big business. Since the first search engine was launched in 1994, we have seen some platforms arriving on the market that have made searching on the internet a breeze. You can search for anything you want and be bombarded with thousands of answers in mere seconds.

When considering SEO, it is essential to understand which search engines are popular and worthwhile. It is difficult to tailor your website to every search engines algorithms and requirements.  If you know the most popular ones, you can concentrate on those.

The following are the most popular search engines in the world today:

Google – Google is THE search engine.  Most web developers and SEO experts concentrate only on achieving high rankings on this platform due to its immense popularity and worldwide fame. In fact, this infographic suggests Google holds around 80% of the entire market share when it comes to search engines.

Bing – Microsoft attempted to throw Google from the search engine throne but failed miserably. Despite not being the top dog, Bing is still a fantastic search engine with high functionality; it is one certainly to consider.

Yahoo – Did you know that Yahoo is now actually powered by Bing search technology? Yahoo’s search engine still commands excellent attention, and this platform is still one of the most popular email providers in the world. – Can you remember Ask Jeeves? This search engine was one of the earliest search engines and who can forget the cute little graphic of Jeeves, the butler? Ask continues to prosper, and although its search function isn’t on par with Google, its Q&A system is worthwhile.

Baidu – If you intend to tap into an Asian market then Baidu should be one of your top search engines for SEO. Baidu is the most popular search engine in China and is continually growing in popularity.

These five search engines represent the pinnacle of searching functionality on the web. When considering SEO, Google should undoubtedly be your main priority but don’t forget about these other contenders too. Each has a large user base that you could potentially tap into with high SEO rankings.

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Sales Tips to Improve Search Engine Ranking:
Research ideas of SEO experts Prioritize a list of the sites where you wish to rank high Explore the rules of engagement for each site Experiment with one new strategy at a time Tweak each strategy for improvement When one effort works well, implement the next Similarly analyze and tweak each new effort Create an easy-to-follow system for team members and employees On a quarterly basis review your rankings to adjust as necessary Celebrate Success!

These sales tips are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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