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linesI’m taking (slowly) a drawing course online, through Udemy. It’s a good way to reset my brain after a whole day spent writing at the PC.
Now one thing I noticed is, if you keep doodling, you slowly but steadily improve. You’ll never be a great artist, but you’ll be able to draw an apple that looks like an apple and not like a flat tire. Doodling one trains his hand to hold the pencil and follow instructions.

And it occurred to me that with writing it’s the same thing. Keep writing b its and pieces, and you’ll improve. No great quantum leaps, possibly, but a steady, if slow improvement is impossible to avoid.

And by doodling, and writing throwaway stuff, one stimulates idea generation, and that’s great, because ideas and plots and characters and stuff are always useful.

And it could happen like it’s happening now, that I started jotting down silly ideas, and now I have 2000 words of a story I don’t know what to do with.
But the night is still young.
Now a cup of tea, and then let’s see where this verbal doodling leads us.

In the meanwhile, you might be interested in this doodling tutorial… or maybe this doodling video…

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