I am terribly late – and the bout of flu did not help – but I’ve been working on the Hope & Glory: Drachensthal mini-supplement this last month.


The thing will be small but hopefully pack a nice punch:

a small gazetteer of the Grand-Duchy of Drachenstahl a game Master’s section a scenario five quick adventure hooks

As all the Hope & Glory material, this corner of the world will also come with its own flavor – in this case, political intrigue and revolution.

Imagem3The key-word is concision, because the material is going to be published in the 2018 yearly Almanacco dei Mondi Selvaggi a grab-bag of Savage Wolrds-related material that my publisher GGStudio publishes for the joy of the Italian fans.
Concision, in this case, means finding the right format to pack as much information as possible in as few pages as possible.
So I decided I’ll write the gazetteer following the style of those wonderful Baedecker guides from the Belle Epoque, describing the Ruritania-like Drachenstahl for the players.

The GM section will take the form of a secret report from an East India Company tai-pan, revealing the darker secrets of the only apparently idyllic Alpine state.

L-176-8th-SokolThe scenario will follow a more traditional formatting, and the hooks will fit a sidebar.

And I am looking for free images to illustrate the thing – there’s a lot of copyright-free stuff by Mucha and other painters of the Art Nouveau school, that should fit the bill.

In English, you say…
I am writing the material in Italian, as that’s the main destination. But I’ll be more than happy to try and find an arrangement with my publisher to make the thing available to the English-reading public somewhere in 2018.

I will certainly distribute copies to my Patreon supporters. Just sayin’…

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