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Dying…Transport to The Afterlife…The Angel Chair

Assumption of Mary to HeavenIn reports of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) many speak of their spirits floating into a loving light or walking into a tunnel. In my novel, The Girl Who Could Read Hearts, an angel chair—as transport to the afterlife—appears in dreams and at the death of two characters. Is such a chair real or is it mere fiction? The imagery of an angel chair is significant to me because I have experienced spontaneous visions of a chair accompanied by two angels numerous times over the years. All were either prior to or upon the death of a family member. Each revelation pierced my soul, leaving a profound impression. The first awareness I had of an angel chair potentially existing in the heavenly realms was in early spring of 1998 when my dear mother-in-law, Ruth Maysonave, was living her final days on Earth. Five years prior when she was first diagnosed with lung cancer, she had ...MORE
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