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Easter Weekend

It’s the Easter Weekend, that here in my country will be followed by the Republic Day – a long week of minimal activity. The plan was to settle down and start writing my next novel, but today I was so poorly I wasted most of the afternoon laying in bed and looking at the ceiling. Not a good start.

On the plus side, I have a few nice books to read, the pantry is reasonably full and with a modicum of twists and turns I’ll be able to pay my bills in time again this month. It’s all good and fine.

I will probably postpone work on the novel, but I have stories in the making. One of them is called “On the Black Ley”, and another is “Wolf’s Paw” – both are working titles and both are pretty sucky as working titles go, but hey, one has to start somewhere.
These are very short stories I am writing on speck – with a little luck and a little work, I should be able to have the first drafts ready by Monday morning, and then I’ll revise and send them to prospect publishers.
There’s also a flash fiction I really need to write, but the idea is not solid enough yet. But I’ll do it.
Because that’s how this writing business goes at the moment.

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