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Encouraging the kids to try new foods

This summer, I encouraged the kids to try some new foods. They are both picky eaters in their own way.

Jase likes steak, fries and chicken nuggets. The only fruits he eats are apples and red grapes.

Lexie likes chicken and a variety of meals such as chicken enchiladas, chili, and fried rice. She is my fruit eater as she likes strawberries, red grapes, apples, mangos, raspberries and watermelon.

But there are so many other foods out there. And being non-adventurous kids, they are usually hesitant to try new things. To fix this, I started a food challenge. I wrote down different categories – new fruit, new vegetable, new bread, bakery items, and a “your choice” option. Each week the kids drew out one and then chose a food based on the category.

Over the summer we have tried….

Image result for dragon fruitDragon Fruit – Lexie picked this one. A dragon fruit comes from a cactus and is loaded with fiber and nutrients especially vitamin C. I had read that is was bland, and I can agree to that, but I think the seeds have a weird taste. None of us liked it.

Blueberry muffins – Jase loved these. I bought a dozen mini ones, and he ate 7 of the 12. Lexie thought they were okay, but I don’t see her eating these unless there was nothing else around.

Chocolate Cream Pie – I let Lexie choose this thinking both kids would like it. Jase said “meh,” and Lexie really just liked the whipped cream on top. Go figure.

Bagels – We did both plain and blueberry. I also bought some whipped berry cream cheese for them to try too. Even before we tried them, Lexie mentioned they were “hard.” I told her bagels are “chewy.” Jase who likes bread said they were good, and he would eat them again. He even liked the cream cheese. Lexie on the other hand wasn’t a fan.

Image result for blueberry piePie – Lexie decided blueberry pie would be a good choice as the bakery sold slices of pie. But when I went, the bakery was sold out of all pie slices. I ended up buying two mini pies for them to try – one blueberry and one apple. Lexie tried blueberry first and didn’t like it. I just don’t think she likes blueberries all that much. She had the same reaction to apple. Jase only tried apple and while he didn’t hate it, he said the apples were “weird.”

Carrots – My kids have never liked carrots. Ok, as babies they probably ate homemade carrot baby food, but as they have grown, carrots are not something they eat which means it has been a while since they tried them. We did both raw baby carrots and cooked carrots since they do taste different. Lexie was not a fan. Jase shrugged his shoulder, announcing they were both okay.

Peach – I thought my fruit-eater (Lexie) would go for a yellow peach but she was indifferent to it. Jase again was fine with trying it, but he didn’t love it like he did the blueberry muffins.

Potatoes – Lexie eats fries, baked potatoes and mashed potatoes. Jase is a fries-only type kid. I wanted them to try different types of potatoes. We did red, golden and purple. Lexie thought the red potatoes were good but didn’t like the other two. Jase was fine with all of them, but I think he will be sticking with fries.

Texas Rice – Lexie already eats fried rice but picked out this Texas version of a Spanish-rice. Neither kids liked it.

Strawberry Shortcake – They tried both a shortcake cup that you put strawberries and whip cream/Cool whip on as well as a piece of cake with frosting and strawberry filling. I got a nope from both though Lexie did love Cool Whip.

Apples – OK, so both kids already eat apples, but I wanted them to try different varieties. Our grocery store list apples in 5 categories – sweet, semi-sweet, mild, semi-tart, and tart. I bought one in each category – Envy, Gala, Jazz, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith. Lexie already loves Granny Smith apples, but on this day, Honeycrisp was the clear favorite followed by Envy and Gala.

Overall, I am proud of the kids for trying new things even if they decided that they didn’t like most of them.

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