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Essential Writing Advice as You Begin the New Year from the Writers in the Storm Blog

Author Don Massenzio

Essential Writing Advice as You Begin the New Year

By Jenny Hansen

Every writer, whether they’re starting the journey or standing atop the bestseller lists, feels like a hack at some point. Like an imposter, a phony, a gigantic fakeball loser. It might happen once a month or once an hour. The point is, it will happen.

Woody Allen says “80% of success is showing up.” The other 20% of our writing success is courage, perseverance and a stockpile of big girl/boy titanium underpants.

Titanium Panties - BEST

I need to repeat this lesson to myself every single year. Every. Single. One. So, if some of this feels familiar, read on! This could be the year the motivation and courage stick to all of us.

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