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Exclusive Content: Devin Unchained Part IV

He's a Demon.

Before Cora, there was Mae. Before his crippling obsession with Keeping one woman to himself--there was another.  What he desires, he takes. What he takes enslaves him. 

He's a beautiful creature driven my the depths of pure want but enslaved to the whims of Lucifer. 

Before Cora, Devin was free to play, leaving sex in his wake wherever he went. Occasionally, he craved contact with a human woman. Desperate need for skin, for release.  

He spots Mae in a quiet bar. Alone, untouched by the darkness of animal desire.  She's to be his next obsession

Did you miss parts 1-3? Don't worry, just scroll down and check them out.  Happy Reading. ;)

Sexually explicit content inside part IV.   

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Setting Sun.
A Suitable Wife: Available to Pre-order