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Fabulous exciting three thrillers

 Once a Liberal Arts major in French Literature, J.A. Schneider, a former staffer at Newsweek, brings aspects of her fascination with medicine, forensic science, and human psychology into her gripping thrillers. I am honored that she read my trilogy, Ash Suspense Thrillers: Trilogy and posted her review:

Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2020

I am a devoted fan of Uvi Poznanski, and keep coming back to her wonderful books. In Ash Suspense Thrillers are three gripping novels all in one, each suspenseful with a wonderful, courageous young character who will stay with you. I’ve just re-read all three, and enjoyed them all over again.

The three stories are: Coma Confidential, Overkill, and Overdose. In the first thriller, Ashley aka Ash is a young college girl who lies in a coma in Florida after being the victim of an assault. Coma Confidential is actually an ingenious new kind of psychological thriller, in which the comatose patient is aware of her surroundings, and we hear her thoughts. This is done brilliantly, with deep insight into Ash’s character and her reaction to the people and events around her even though she can’t communicate. We feel Ash’s terror, and cheer her in her struggle for survival.

In the second book, Overkill, Ash is recovered but stumbles again into danger. She leaves her college life, boyfriend, and home state of California behind, and rents a little cottage hoping for a much needed rest. Unfortunately, the cottage is anything but restful, with a horrific odor the second Ash walks in the door, and stains beneath the rugs. Someone died there, and the locals are close-mouthed. The story then ramps up to a school shooting, and the child of a neighbor Ash helps to save. The boy’s father is killed in the rampage, and in fast paced, exquisitly written suspense, Ash helps both the boy and his mother.

The third book, Overdose, brings more gripping suspense as Ash becomes a victim of a cunning, evil manipulator. In this thriller we finally understand what is causing Ash’s frequent, painful headaches and other strange symptoms. As with the other two thrillers in this trio, the author’s writing is vivid, creepy, and lyrical, and we cheer the courage of this terrific young character and her will to survive. All three stories are marvelous excitement. Five stars!
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