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Fall of the Roman Republic

I’ve been immersed in studying ancient Rome as part of the research for “Pompeii Fire.” This is a good look at the Gracchus brothers and how they contributed to the fall.

Nicholas C. Rossis

As a child learning history at school, I often wondered why the Roman Republic gave way to the Roman Empire. Had the people had enough of voting? Was this forced upon them? If so, why didn’t they revolt, especially given how awful emperors like Caracalla were?

I mean, Caracalla was hated by most Romans for killing his brother in front of their mother, going from town to town and literally torturing money out of people, and pillaging Alexandria after a play parodying the murder of his brother was shown in the streets.

To me, this was particularly vexing. Given that Rome had sworn never to have a King, how did they accept a monster like Caracalla?

Ian Vatco has shared a great answer on Quora explaining how it all came about. It makes for a great story, one that I’d love to share with you.

The Gracchi brothers

It all…

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