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Family: Anthony Berry

Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to have a family? Suppose you grew up in foster care and never missed having a family until you met someone special.   Anthony  has been in foster care since he was nine-years-old. Now he’s sixteen and well aware most children are not adopted when they are teenagers. But things changed for Anthony when he met is English teacher, Bennie Berry.  She described him as a “model student.”

Anthony felt such a bond with Bennie that he asked her to adopt him after he’d been in her class for only two months. Did Bennie say yes? Not exactly, but she did say if Anthony completed “A certain assignment, she’d consider it.”

After Anthony finished his assignment, Bennie agreed to apply to officially adopt Anthony. She and Anthony  couldn’t be more delighted.

What does Bennie say now that she has a son? “Now I have a son for the rest of my life. I’m more than elated.”

Of course, Anthony is thrilled. He and his mom said ” I love you.”

Isn’t this an amazing, heartwarming story to prove it’s never to late to find happiness? I hope you always remember that many things are possible. You may even find the perfect family, against the odds. Or you may have a different dream. No matter what you’re dreaming of, do your best to work toward your goal. You never know what might happen. You may be completely surprised by something, the way Bennie and Anthony were. I’m so excited for them and thrilled they found each other. It’s an example that anything can happen. In fact, your whole life can be changed for the better in the blink of an eye.

For more on Bennie and Anthony’s story, please follow this link:

copyright 2018: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne



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