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Family Night is a good thing

My husband has been working a great deal lately. This means he has been working weekends or evening. Sometimes his work takes him out of town. The kids have been missing him. So, this past weekend we decided we needed to do something as a family.

Now sometimes in the past, we have gone somewhere to play miniature golf or gone to a laser tag/video game place like Incredible Pizza, Main Event or Dave & Busters. But those outing do get expensive and depending on the activity we may not always spend tons of time together.

Lexie suggested we try game night. Back in July before our trip to Austin, I had bought two new games – Uno (Jurassic World edition) and 5 Second Rule. We had a great time playing them in the hotel room, and again took them on our trip to the beach in August.

So with a batch of brownies to snack on we pulled out those two games. Being a teenager, Jase only agreed to play for 30 minutes.

We started with 5 Second Rule. Here you ask one of the other players to name 3 things based whatever is on the card you draw. They have just 5 seconds to answer. If they can’t do it, then the next player tries but cannot mention anything the first player listed. It is a fun game though many of the questions are not ones my 11-year-old or 14-year-old can do such as name 3 SUVs, 3 Baseball players, or 3 character on Modern Family.

Jurassic World UNO is very much like the classic game where you try to get rid of all the cards in your hand (yelling “Uno” when you are down to one card), but it has dinosaurs on the cards and a few different Wild cards.

Lexie had so much fun she suggested we make this a regular scheduled event – maybe once a month. And it is a good idea. It isn’t the first time we have tried setting up a family night. In the past we tried Movie Night – either weekly or every other week (I can’t remember which.) We alternated who picked a movie to watch at home (usually while we ate pizza and popcorn). This family night lasted for about a year.

But it is nice to have an afternoon or evening where we turn off the TV and electronics and just have fun with each other. And while I think we may try and keep Game Night I think a few afternoons out and about in San Antonio as a family will also be something we should plan. Anything to keep the kids off electronics and strengthen our connections as a family is a good thing.

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