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Fearless Characters

Jill Oliver

A Character Interview

INTERVIEWER: How would you describe yourself?

JILL: I think I am a pretty tough cookie. I'm five feet eight inches tall. I weigh around 125 pounds with my BMI hovering around eighteen. So I have some muscle on me. My hair is jet black and now has grown out to a cute bob. My eyes are green and my heritage is one of a Navajo Indian from my mother's side. My father who is white, I have never met.

INTERVIEWER: You look fairly fit, what type of fitness regime are you doing?

JILL: I keep in share sparring in several martial arts. I also run three miles pretty much everyday.

INTERVIEWER: I know you've told us that you will not answer questions about David Brown, your husband … but we are all curious about what happened to him.

JILL: No comment.

INTERVIEWER: Fair enough.

INTERVIEWER: What made you decide to become a US Marshall?

JILL: Well I worked for the FBI for several years as part of their remote viewing team. Then I decided to make a career change.

INTERVIEWER: You mean because of Matthew McGregor? Are you aware that Matthew is producing a book about his story, his killing spree. How do you feel about that?

JILL: It sickens me that a maniac criminal who has caused such horrific harm to other humans is able to profit from such acts of horror. So much violence.

INTERVIEWER: What is remote viewing?

JILL: Remote viewing is a proven science that, once trained, a human can tap into the matrix of energy and when you do this, you are able to feel the five senses of a target. This technique was part of the Stargate project in the CIA.

INTERVIEWER: What do you do for the US Marshall service?

JILL: I'm a terrorist profile for the special operations group. Basically we help the counter terrorism unit with homeland security.

INTERVIEWER: What is a typical day like at work?

JILL: Without breaching any confidentiality, I work mainly on my computer doing research. Occassionaly we go out in the field. But not very often.

INTERVIEWER: We've heard that you are taking on a field assignment full-time. What will you be doing?

JILL: I've taken an international assignment with Interpol. I will be based in Turkey. The assignment is confidential, but what I can tell you is, that it has to do with money laundering and a new form of terrorism.

INTERVIEWER: That sounds dangerous being so close to Syria and the Arab springs.

JILL: Well I just got back from the Middle East and Afghanistan wasn't a bowl of cherries. I think I will do okay. Our country has to squash any upstarts with this new technology before it gets in the wrong hands.

INTERVIEWER: How long will you be there?

JILL: I'm not sure, but if you purchased INDECENT DECEPTION: A JILL OLIVER THRILLER. You will find out and more about David.

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