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Fearless Women

Before Mallory Kane, the black ops soldier and fictional character of the movie Haywire, played by Gina Carano — and Jill Oliver, the audacious fictional character of the Deception series — there have been real-life fearless women.

A heroine and a group of them, immediately come to mind. They are women who showed up to the plate in the game of life and hit the ball out of the park. If you don't know who Margaret Moth is… you should. She was a true champion of life! In 1990 she became a camerawoman for CNN. She specialized in filming war zones. In July of 1992, she was severely wounded in Sarajevo. Two years later, she returned to the war zones to continue her mission to show the world what war looks like. In 2007, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She passed away in March 2010 at the age of 59. She would have turned 61 on January 30, in a couple of weeks 2012. The CNN documentary Fearless: The Margaret Moth Story, which aired in October 2009, was a heart-warming tribute from Margaret’s admirers.

One was the renowned reporter Christiane Amanpour. While visiting Margaret in the hospital, she was summoned by the CNN international desk to return to Sarajevo. [Christiane Amanpour] “I said I’d go back, and I know to this day,” she says in the documentary, struggling to contain her emotions, “that if I had not said yes then, I probably never would have gone back and I probably never would have made this career, but I said yes because I couldn’t say no…” It's well worth watching the documentary to see how Margaret, larger than life and full of life, who has inspired so many other women. You can see it on Amazing Women Rock! "Life is like a game of tennis. You have no choice over how the ball comes to you; it's how you hit it back that counts." ~ Margaret Moth In the spring of 2011, a mere year after Margaret's passing, US Army Special Operations Command deployed its first team of thirty female soldiers into Afghanistan.

These fearless combat women achieved the high training standards of the Special Forces and Rangers and moved to the front line as 'Cultural Support Teams.' There they interfaced with the local female population to gain vital intelligence and provide social outreach. I have to believe that Margaret has inspired at least one of these women. And more women will aspire to be like Margaret and the women in the USASOC unit. Margaret said it best… "I guess I would ask: what's there to be afraid of?" Now that's fearless! 

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