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Find yourself something to do for the Autumn

I usually point out here on my blog what I think are interesting offers from Humble Bundle – still one of my go-to services to keep my to-read list stocked. The deal is the usual – you get a pack of themed books for real cheap, and you help a charity. Everybody wins.

The latest book selection from Humble Bundle is so quirky and weird I was sure I’d find something interesting – and indeed, the eight volumes you get for 83 euro-cents are already on my hard disk.

This month’s theme is crafts for the autumn.

And for 83 cents of an euro (or one dollar), you get

two cookbooks – of which there is never enoughtwo DIY and craft books – who knows, might come in handya book about small-scale wargames – yes!a book about freezing foods – very useful if like me you go shopping once a month and have to preserve your fooda book about edible wild herbs – also a great resource for writinga book about environmentally-sound home vegetable gardening

The lot, in multiple formats and DRM-free.
Shell out more, and you’ll get more books – 21 of them, covering everything from knitting to cake decoration to more wargames and more cooking and gardening.

So who knows, maybe you’re interested in some of these, or you need to make a gift, or you just need a hobby for the rainy season.

Part of the proceeds go to GlobalGiving, a disaster relief organization currently working – among other things – on the California wildfire-hit areas.

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