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Finding balance between promotion and pestering

I'm brand new to the book publishing game.  I've managed to figure things out as I go along, and released my first book last week.  So now comes the promotion side of things, which I feel a lot less confident about.

I've never worked in sales.  I've always thought that I would be pretty useless at any sort of job that involved marketing, because I think I'd worry that I was bothering people.  Yet now I've got this newly released book that I'm really proud of, so how to make sure that it gets in front of people without becoming a pain in the butt?  I also need to consider that my target audience is very specific.  My book is non-fiction aimed at people living with mental illness, and it's not going to be relevant to a broader reading audience.

Some of the basics I've already done.  I've got a page devoted to the book on my blog website.  I've updated my status/blurb on all of the different social media and writing sites I use to mention the book.  I've set up an author profile on Amazon Author Central, and I've also gotten set up on several book/author sites like AUTHORSdb and Goodreads.  I haven't placed any ads yet, although it's something I'm thinking about.  I would need to make sure that whatever platform I was advertising on would be something that my target audience would be using, and they're not necessarily going to be on a lot of book-specific sites.

I'm a mental health blogger, and already have good connections through my blog and associated Twitter account with people who would likely be in my target audience.  That's where I really worry about getting spammy.  I've been including messages about my book at the bottom of my daily blog posts, and I've felt comfortable with that.  I've only done a couple of posts specifically about the book: one before the launch, and one on launch day.  I'm wary about doing many promo posts just about the book because I worry my regular readers would start to find it annoying.  

I also struggle with how often to post on Twitter.  In the week and a bit since my book launched I've been tweeting about twice a day.  I know that's not really that often, but again, I worry about it getting spammy.  Strangely enough I see other people on Twitter promoting their books or what have you, and that doesn't bother me, but when it's me doing the promotion it feels excessive.

It seems like finding this balance is going to just get harder once I get beyond the launch phase.  The messages at the end of blog posts will continue to make a regular appearance, and it may turn out to actually be the best way of targeting potential readers.


How do you go about finding this balance when promoting your own books?

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