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Finding my favorite sandals again…and again

Everyone has a favorite article of clothing – a shirt, a pair of jeans, or even a pair of sandals. Maybe the shirt flatters your eyes, the jeans show off your curves or the sandals are just oh so comfortable. You wear this perfect piece of apparel until it gets a hole or falls apart.

Many, many years ago, I bought a pair of black Sketcher sandals. They were cute and comfortable with a 2 ½ inch heel. I pretty much never wear flats, and these sandals were the perfect little heels – not too high or steep to feel uncomfortable when walking long distances.

I loved these sandals. I wore them to walk the kids to and from the elementary school. I slipped them on to run to the store or for even longer trips to the zoo or the museum. They were great.

Falling apart sandals

When they started to fall apart, I happen to see another almost identical pair of Sketchers in the store…and they were on sale! I bought two pairs. So, happily, I wore that pair and the next until they fell apart.

I returned to the shoe store but this time I had no luck finding another pair. I searched online, but it seemed Sketchers didn’t make this sandal anymore. But when in doubt, you can find almost anything on Ebay – even my sandals. And they were in my size!

So, I bought another pair of the same sandals from a lady in Arizona. She had bought them and only wore them once before deciding they weren’t for her. That’s because they were meant for me. They arrived and were perfect.

I wore these up until a few weeks ago when I am sad to say they too showed signs of falling apart. Again, no replacement in the stores. And I tried on lots of sandals trying to find a suitable replacement. Nothing. Nothing offered the same comfort.

New sandals

That led me back to the Internet and eBay. I was in luck. Again, I found my size. Woo-hoo! A week later, I had another pair of my favorite sandals. They feel a little snug but soon will be broken in. Even snug they are oh so comfortable.  And while I am glad to have my favorite sandals back, I don’t want to think about what I will do when one day in the future this pair falls apart. I can’t always expect to find them on Ebay. Maybe Sketchers will just bring them back to their line of shoes. I can at least dream of that day. Until then, I am happy with my comfy sandals.


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